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A Short Introduction

Hello, indeed! Here at Delicious Fantasy, I shall be chronicling my great adventures in the kitchen. I like to think I can cook pretty well, so it’s about time I actually start writing down what it is I’m doing when I cook. Taking after my mother, I tend to kinda throw stuff at a bowl, at the stove, or at the oven, following my instinct or my heart or what have you, and ta-da! Tasty food. While this works out pretty well more often than not (and I will be sharing those times when it does not–pride is for the weak), it does tend to be a problem when either trying to explain just what I actually did to someone else who asks for the recipe, or trying to remember what the hell I did when I made that stew 3 months ago.

Besides, while I don’t tend to subject myself to any particular diet, I do love to play host, and any number of my friends and families has specific diets they choose to follow–or allergies that need to be attended to. As in, let’s please not have my guest suddenly suffocate because there was surprise peanut-butter in that cake batter. So lets keep note of all the wonderful gluten-free, vegetarian, low/no carb, etc food we find!

Seriously guys, I daydream about food when I’m in traffic. I’d say it’s a problem, but it’s a delicious little fantasy. And here I am! Ready to indulge it.